What happens during outpatient drug rehab and is it effective?

The awakening

One of the hardest things to do while addicted to drugs is learning to embrace the fact that you have disease. Individuals that are struggling with any form of addiction know how hard it can be to humble themselves and admit to having a problem. In the early stages of drug use, you may have said to yourself “I’m just having a good time.” Before you knew it, your reasoning slowly turned into every weekend leading to every other day, resulting into a full blown addiction. You may have tried more than once to quit on your own while hoping you wouldn’t have to tell anyone although that day has already came and went. Unfortunately, you have not only been hurting yourself, yet hurting those who love you. Taking a stand and admitting you have an addiction is the first step towards a healthy sober life.

What to expect

When choosing to put your best foot forward and seeking treatment, you will want to be completely honest with yourself. Outpatient rehabilitation can offer treatment for many types of addictions. You will not be living in a treatment facility 24 hours a day. Outpatient treatment offers you flexibility as well as a discrete treatment plan for each individuals needs. Your mental health and emotional stability, will be evaluated for the best treatment possible. Group therapy and sponsorships are beneficial with outpatient services, allowing you to carry on with your daily life. Everyone reacts differently to rehabilitation techniques but some individuals may need extra love and support from family and friends. Inpatient centers do not usually allow visitors and run a tight ship. Outpatient programs are less intrusive on your wallet while inpatient comes with a hefty price. As stated before everyone is different, you can expect a certified addiction therapist to thoroughly review your case and decide what will work best to get you to your goal of sober living.

Is Outpatient Right For You

If you know that you will need a little extra TLC and supervision outpatient may not be for you. Heroin users and opiate addicts have a lower successes rate with outpatient rehabilitation treatments and may be recommended to seek an inpatient treatment center. Outpatient treatment can be very beneficial during your journey, yet taking your life serious and getting help is the first step to take back control of your life. Addictions are serious issues that can easily take over your life or take it completely. With the help of an assigned doctor, therapist, and family outpatient drug rehabilitation treatment may be just what the doctor ordered.